Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The almost complete fireplace


tape (painters tape or masking tape will do)
caulk (I realized that dollar tree sells them for only a dollar each. I returned the $6 caulk from Homedepot)
sand paper/block (already owned)
white paint (already owned from painting the giant toy storage)
foam roller $2
paint brush (already owned)

First I caulked everything. All the edges, corners, crevices were smoothed out with caulk. I patiently waited for the caulk to dry and lightly sanded everything down with very fine sand paper. Caulking took longer then expected because I had to wait for it to dry in order to sand it down.

While waiting for everything to dry, I taped the fireplace so I can start priming/painting. I ran out of painters tape so I had to use masking tape.

After taping everything I sprayed paint the brass thing in front of my fireplace black with rust-oleums high heat spray paint. I already had this bottle laying around because I knew a long time ago that I was going to paint the brass part so I bought it and have been using it for other projects around the house. Lucky I still have a little left for the fireplace. I put a piece of paper behind the brass and between the window and just sprayed the brass black in place. The top was removed by my dad for clamping the fireplace frame so I was able to go outside to spray it black. The fireplace already looks so much better with no brass and blue grout. 

Finally I was able to start priming the whole fireplace. This is an important step for me because after the priming, I was able to see how the fireplace was really going to look. Having the frame up was nice but it was scary because I couldn't really picture the final product. 

One hour later this is how our fireplace looks. Primer is still wet. I will be back later tonight to finish the fireplace off with white paint. 

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