Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coffee table reveal

Yesterday was a pretty warm day. I spent most of the day inside the house. I really felt lazy and nonproductive all day. I was itching to finish off my coffee table but it was too hot to paint outside. By evening time, it was still pretty warm outside so I found plastic drop cloths and laid them in our spare guest bedroom and brought the coffee table in. It took me about 30 minutes to paint the coffee table. It was very easy with the $2 foam roller set and a few touch ups with the paint brush. I only painted one coat. It seemed to cover well so I didn't even bother to do the second coat.

Here's the updated post on all the steps for refinishing the coffee table.

Cost of project:

coffee table $20 from craigslist
foam/cushion and batting from local upholstery store in Pomona $15
buttons $14 for two packages from Joanns with 30% off total coupon
leather $42 for two yards of fabric/leather with 40% of coupon from Joanns
staple gun/staples already owned
Paint already owned from previous projects

Total cost: $91

Review of coffee table project: I thought this project was a little tough for me to do by myself. The buttons were the hardest part. It was not hard once the buttons were done. Tufting was easy since I only  had to tuft 11 buttons. I don't recommend using leather to make buttons or else I would buy pre made leather buttons to save time. However, once I started using clamps to push the buttons together the process went much smoother. Overall I didn't think the table came out as great as I had expected in my head. It was also quite expensive for all the supplies. I really only wanted to spend $50 on a coffee table so I went way over my budget. The project took me three days to finish including drying time. I really should have bought leather online at because I spotted a similar leather for way cheaper like this Caprice brown leather at only $7 a yard. If I would have been more patient and ordered online instead of recklessly shopping at Joanns I would have saved $28 which would have brought my overall cost to $63.. much closer to my original budget. :( Lesson learned.. don't shop at Joanns.

Here are the before and after comparisons

Today felt like another unproductive day, so I made sure I ordered some poster prints from for my picture frames. Wedding related post coming soon. :)

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