Thursday, June 20, 2013

Recap of the fireplace

Overall the project cost about $100. It took my dad and I about two weeks to complete. It was not hard just time consuming because we had to wait for the glue to dry. My dad worked on one piece a day for the first week. I didn't want to drill anything into the wall because we had tile there and it was just too much work. I figured gorilla glue and liquid nails would be good enough.

Tips and pointers:

Don't focus too much on making the frame of the fireplace perfect. The trimmings will cover everything. My dad insist that he had to sand it down so everything was nice and flat. I didn't have energy to argue with him so I let him do whatever he wanted.

Get home depot to cut your MDF. Its much easier and straighter. Just make sure to measure first.

Prime first and then paint two coats of white paint. I was too lazy to paint two coats so I only did one coat of white paint so its not perfect but I don't really care. Its good enough for me.

Of course here is a before and after picture: 

Not too shabby for under $100. 

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