Monday, June 24, 2013

Progress of the coffee table

I'm starting to get tired of our coffee table. I had to make leather buttons and that gave me a blister on my thumb. Luckily my dad took over. He was smart to use clamps to make the leather buttons. Sorry I won't be doing a tutorial on making custom buttons because I only had one eye and its hard to take pictures when you can't really see. Instructions are pretty easy to follow on the package. We made a total of 11 buttons.

Instructions for making coffee table

1. Purchase an old coffee table. It doesn't matter if the top is scratched because it will eventually be covered. Remove the top of the coffee table from the legs and cover with foam/cushion of your choice. Use batting to cover over the foam and staple the batting to the coffee table.

2. Purchase fabric or leather of your choice. Make sure to measure at least half a yard extra just in case. You rather have a little more fabric then not enough and end up wasting the whole piece of fabric.

3. Measure how many buttons you want on your coffee table. Measure and make your markings on the underside of the top. Use a pencil to mark on your wood coffee table. Its easier to use a pencil. Pen or marker doesn't work as well.

4. Make buttons. Follow instructions on package. I wanted leather buttons so it was thicker and harder to make into buttons but its possible with a clamp.

5. Drill holes on the coffee table according to your markings.

6. Use string and thread your button through the fabric and coffee table. I didn't have special thread or a needle so I just used dollar tree ribbon and my bobby pin. Staple the button using thread of your choice in place and use a zigzag pattern on the underside.


I made sure I used two ribbons for each button for added durability. 

7. Tuft all your buttons and staple the leather/fabric to the coffee table. This part is tough because leather is stretchy so I had to use all my strength and pull the leather taunt before stapling. I've only done one side. I'm tired so I'll be back another day to finish up the project. Stay tuned for the final coffee table reveal.


8. Repaint the legs of the coffee table. Wait for it to dry completely before reattaching the top.

9. Reattach the top and enjoy your new coffee table.

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