Monday, June 24, 2013

New update on the coffee table

I've finished tufting all the buttons and have stapled the remainder of the leather to the top. I brought the bottom of the coffee table inside to see how it would look inside my house. The colors are off because the bottom is not painted yet. From the pictures you can tell the coffee table is much more proportionate to our sectional and living room. You can also tell the coffee table is made of solid wood and high quality construction.

From the picture you can sort of see the extra leather that haven't been trimmed off yet. I will paint the bottom first before I reattach the top and trim the leather. 

You can see our old ottoman pushed to the side. Its about half the size of the new coffee table. I took the picture at an odd angle to see how it would look if the bottom was a dark color. Its hard to really tell because everything in the picture is darker too so you can't really see the dark and light contrast of the furniture.  I already have dark brown paint so I might just use that and save some money on new paint. 


Today I also went to Michaels to shop for a few things. I bought two wooden trays and a huge picture frame to hang in my room. The two wooden trays were sort of a disappointment. I figured that they were going to be small but the wood quality was pretty bad.  Its not comparable to my $4 thrift store tray. The wooden trays at Michaels were only $4.99 each and with a 40% off coupon they are pretty affordable. You can see the size comparison in the picture below.

I ended buying two trays anyways because I needed a small tray for my next project and my sister wanted a tray for her room. 

More projects coming soon. 


  1. So much better Kimba!
    You are so talented! You totally inspired me to try bigger projects hehe

    keep it up!