Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY tray round 2

Last week I went to Michaels and purchased two more serving trays to DIY. First one was for our master bedroom in an odd niche we have (new post coming soon) and second tray was for my sister. She wanted a pink and white tray for her room. I found the pink contact paper on clearance at Marshals for $4 for two rolls. I didn't really want to buy the pink contact paper because I had a few rolls on contact paper left at home but I figured the design was too adorable and girly to pass up. Maybe one day I can use all of the contact paper in my pantry, closet, and shoe storage/garage makeover. My pantry and Binh's office/junkyard are the two forbidden zones in my house.

Steps for the DIY "Michaels" tray

1. Spray paint the tray the color you want. I only painted the sides and left the inside alone since I will be covering it with contact paper. I recommend painting inside your garage or a non windy area. I tried spray painting outside and I think I got more spray paint on me and my hands then the actual project. Plus when you leave it outside in a windy area to dry it can get dusty and may affect the paint job.  I also recommend using glossy spray paint to get a smoother paint job with this tray.

2. Wait for everything to dry. I had to paint two coats of white. If you are using Michaels unfinished trays I recommend lightly sanding outside of the tray with fine sandpaper first prior to spray painting. I was too lazy to sand the tray so the finished product isn't as smooth as I would like. My very first tray in my master bedroom was finished already so when I sprayed painted it was nice and smooth without requiring any sanding. 

3. Measure the inside of the tray. Cut contact paper to the measurements and cut away. 

4. Attach the contact paper to the inside of the tray and you are done. Enjoy your tray. 

Review of Michaels tray: Overall I thought the price was pretty affordable with a coupon but the size was small, required light sanding, and wood quality wasn't great. However, its convenient to get because thrift stores don't always carry serving trays. If I need any more trays, I will be going to thrift stores/Goodwill to look for them in the future. 

Here are pictures of my sisters pink and white tray displayed on the other side of my night stand with my wedding necklace and picture of our Emily. 

Here are the two trays together.

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