Monday, June 17, 2013

Adding trim to the fireplace

Finally after a long hiatus my dad was able to work on my fireplace.

List of supplies include:

Staple gun, air compressor, and staples- my father had all these
Six 8ft 1x2 inch trim for $2.82 each (total $18
caulk bottle $6
six feet of crown molding for $6
two feet of round trim $1

Total cost of supplies so far: $40 from building the body of the fireplace (previous post) plus trim $30 = $70

Things are looking pretty good.  My dad added 1x2 trim. The bottom I added 5.5x1 inch wood left over wood from other projects. I also bought two feet of round trim for the middle.

Now time to do the mantle part with crown molding. I'm so excited to announce that I've officially conquered 90 degree outside angle crown molding. The first time I tried to figure out how to do crown molding for basic projects, I almost broke down in tears out of frustration. In my head I thought, I'm asian, my math skills can't be that bad.. its just basic geometry and a little abstract thinking but I couldn't find the right cuts/angles for the life of me. BUT... now I've returned and have figured crown molding out after watching many youtube crown molding DIY videos. Everything is clear in my head and I know how to angle the machine. Here's a close up of the crown molding. 

I will be patching up all the nail holes and little imperfections with caulk sometime tomorrow. I decided on thinner crown molding for our fireplace since right above it will be a giant 15 feet mantle plus its cheaper to buy thinner crown molding. I will be back tomorrow with better pictures because my cellphone camera isn't the greatest with night time pictures. 

Here's a before: 

After in progress: 

Up next: patching up all the holes/cracks, spray painting all the brass into black (already done), prime, paint, and decorate. 

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