Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Simple (car) trash container

Today was too hot for me to get out of the house. I wanted to paint the coffee table but I'll wait until later tonight. Instead, I looked at stuff I had around the house to DIY. I found an empty disinfecting wipes container and decided to make it into a car trash container. Everyone with a toddler knows how hard it is to keep their car clean. Sometimes our car stinks because we would forget a diaper or food inside the car.  It works perfect because its free, smells great even after rinsing it with water because it was a disinfecting wipes container, portable, and cute. So here goes my simple and free DIY trash container. Disclaimer.. sorry if you are sick and tired of seeing contact paper projects. I told you I was in love with contact paper.


1.  I started off with this disinfecting wipes container.  They can be purchased at Target.

2.  Remove the plastic outer label. You can leave it but the contact paper might not cover it completely. It was very simple to remove the label. It was plastic and not even glued onto the container. I just used some scissors to remove the label. 

3. Finally measure how much contact paper you need, cut to the size, and stick onto the container.  This final step took me under three minutes. 

Cost breakdown: Free

Supplies: Empty container, contact paper, measuring tape (optional)

Review: Easy under ten minute project. You can't really go wrong with this project. I love it for the car because it really seals the smell of everything. I'm in the search for a large enough container to use as a diaper container that really seals off the smell of dirty diapers. 

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