Friday, June 21, 2013

Return of the dining chairs

Up until today, I never really mention about my dining room because its not anything to talk about. When we first bought our house, our dining table was something we had to buy first so we picked a counter height table with eight chairs.  Our formal dining table is always clean but our regular dining table is never clean. We have a light beige color microfiber fabric on the seat cushion and surprisingly its holding up ok for now. It has some slight stains from Emily but nothing a little TLC wouldn't be able to get out. So a few days ago, I set out to buy outdoor fabric for my chairs. I'm hoping these outdoor fabrics will last the test of Emily. I had to buy three yards of Ellis poolside fabric from Joanns. They were on sale for $7.99  a yard, so total cost for the project was $24.

Here is an embarrassing before picture of our dining table taken a while back to prove that my house is not always clean. Usually when I come home after three straight days of work it will look like this: How a man and a toddler can do this much to my house.. I don't know.. but it happens...

 The pattern and color is fun and really adds color to my house. My house was pretty boring and monotone before. I'm slowly injecting some color into it finally.  I didn't have anything to decorate the table so I placed my dead flowers from Binh on the table so just pretend like they are still fresh. 


  1. loving the color pop! what a great idea using outdoor fabric for toddler duration. you work 3 days straight? hard working mama!

  2. thanks Kat. I sometimes work three consecutive 12 hour shift days. I'm a nurse so after a 12 hour shift.. I come home and can't really clean so by the end of day 3 my house looks like tornado Binh and Emily came by.