Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dining chair sneak peek

I'm am excited to announce my dining chairs are almost complete. I ran out of fabric half way so everyone will have to wait until I'm off work again to complete the project.


1. Remove seat from chair. Usually there should only be a few simple screws on each chair. Ours had three screws.

2. Get fabric of your choice and start stapling away. I used an air compressor and staple gun because I had it already but a regular staple gun will do. Make sure to align your fabric if your fabric has a design. I didn't even bother to remove the old fabric on the chair. I just laid the new fabric right over. Skipping the removal process saved me tons of time.

3. Reattach the seat and you are done.

Heres our old and boring chair.

Here's the new and improved chair. 

Whole project should take at most two hours. I will be back in a few days with more pictures. 

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