Thursday, May 9, 2013

Toy storage solution in the playroom

We have a toddler. Her toys have taken over our house. She has her nursery and a separate play room all to herself but her toys are still everywhere in our house. I desperately needed to find a solution to store all of her toys. I've been stalking centsationalgirls billy bookcase  for a while and love the white and pink color combo but with costs totaling $500, it was a little too steep for my cheap self.

I wanted something similar but on a much smaller budget, preferably under $150. I thought about other possible options and landed on entertainment centers on craigslist. I was able to score this large entertainment center for $100. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the before. This was the craigslist image. It also has doors in the middle.

Other supplies that I needed were:  paint brushes, foam roller, kilz primer, white semi gloss paint, and  pink colored paint. 

All about the supplies

Its so important to get a foam roller instead of the regular rollers. Foam rollers really smooth out the surfaces when you paint. The set that I buy is about $2 at home depot and I just buy extra foam to change them out each time I paint a different color but at $2 a pop its not that big of a deal. 

I have always bought the cheap paint brushes. I usually buy the big pack for about $10 but it comes with a lot of brushes. I throw them away each time I use them. 

As for the primer, I used Kilz primer. Since I plan to paint the entertainment center white I know primer will mask the bleed through of the blonde colored wood. I am going lighter in color so primer is always a must. 

Lastly, paint.... I used cheap Glidden paint for the pink color in the back of the entertainment center. Its not going to be touched and felt by anyone so its okay to go with the cheapest paint. I also choose semi gloss for easier clean and maintenance. I have always used Behr premium plus paint for painting all my furniture pieces. I haven't tried any other brands because I know this brand works well for me and it has never disappointed me. Again, I choose semi gloss for the white paint because its going into a toddlers playroom and I need it to be easy to wipe and clean. 

I'll be back later to give the details on how everything went down. 

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