Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another basket just because

I bought another basket yesterday while shopping at Marshalls.  I found a cute gray and white basket thats fun for the corner area of our master dresser. I wanted to add more excitement to that corner because the adjacent wall is completely empty for now. I plan to hand curtains and some art work later on when I have more time.

When I look at local model homes I notice their decorations are not over the top gorgeous. Its really the whole package put together that makes the model home nice. Every corner, every empty wall has some kind of decoration that makes the home feel welcoming.  When I decorate, I take things very slowly and one step at a time. One corner basket might not feel like it makes a difference but its one corner basket that feels a little more complete. As I mentioned before, we are a young couple that just bought our house not too long ago with literally nothing. Our home feels overwhelming sometimes because its still so empty due to lack of furniture but its slowly coming along..... one basket at a time.

Here is my new $20 gray and white basket from Marshalls. Its a great basket to throw old clothes that we plan to donate. It looks out of place in these pictures but it matches the room because the walls on the other side is gray and it doesn't look so dark and gloomy. Now our master dresser doesn't look so lonely against the giant empty wall.

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