Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More wrapped toy boxes

I'm back after a long trip to LA for lunch. I unfortunately didn't have time to work on the fireplace today. I work the next three days so I won't have any updates but I was able to work on more toy boxes. It's looking pretty cute now. Once the whole project is complete it should look even better.

Here is the before picture with odd boxes positioned all over the place. This was during the day before I left for LA so it was still sunny and bright. 

Here is the after with a few more boxes wrapped up. I was only able to wrap three more boxes.  Its so hard to wrap boxes with a toddler in your face.  I'm hoping to finish up all the boxes by this weekend. I still have a lot of contact paper from previous projects and two more bought for this project.  I should be able to wrap at least ten more boxes with the remaining contact paper. Its hard to tell in these pictures but the light pink contact paper really brings out the pink background of the toy storage. I'll try to take better pictures tomorrow morning before work. See the difference from right to left? The left side is so cluttered compared to the new toy boxes on the right. 

Overall review of contact paper toy box 

This is a project worth investing your time in only if you are looking for a large amount of storage boxes. It does get time consuming just like wrapping christmas gifts.  However, I will be able to produce at least 10-15 good sized toy boxes for under $10. If I had to buy 10 storage boxes at $5-10 each, it would have cost me $50-100. I do plan to make as many boxes as I can with the remaining contact paper. 

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