Monday, May 13, 2013

Progress of our toy storage part II

Happy belated Mothers Day everyone. I hope everyone had a happy and safe Mothers day. I worked on Friday and Saturday so I wasn't able to catch up on my project. Sunday was obviously Mothers Day so I did't have time but this morning before it got really hot I as able to paint one final coat of white paint and one coat of pink on the back of the entertainment center. I won't be able to work on the project again until later tonight.  It all really depends on my daughters patience.  I'm hoping tonight will be the end of it but we will see. I work tomorrow so for sure before Thursday it will be done.

Well, updates on it include having to paint extra coats of primer. I had to paint about 4 coats of primer in order to cover the bleed through of the blonde color. I've painted a few things white before but the initial color was already white and it just needed a fresh coat of paint so bleed through wasn't a problem. Oh wells, lesson learned.. never paint anything big white again.

Enough chit chatting. Here is one picture to tease you guys. I know pink isn't for everyone but its okay. I like it and I have plans to make Emily's playroom more colorful.

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