Monday, May 6, 2013

The master dresser plus more

When we first bought our house back in 2012 we moved in with literally a few small bags of clothes and maybe two towels from our parents house. It was extremely overwhelming and looked empty no matter what I did to the house. I started this blog to help other people slowly decorate their house on a budget one tiny step at a time. I try to tackle our home little by little whenever I have time.  I can see that its slowly coming together after being here for over a year. Today I added extra storage to our master dresser.

I don't think a woman can ever have enough storage in her home no matter how big or small the home is.  While browsing local model homes I notice a common trend of using baskets as storage. My dresser sits on a large empty wall by itself so adding any type of decor to it would be nice. Today I didn't have much time so I hopped over to Target to look for baskets and found something for under $20.  The basket is dark brown and towels are black therefore I had to lighten the whole picture in order to show the details of the basket. I wanted to look for a black basket but couldn't find any. The dark colors of the basket/towels really blends in well with the black accessories, black handles, and my rug on the floor. 

Our dresser still sits on an empty wall but it looks a lot better in person now then before so I'm happy with our new basket. Now we have a place to put our extra decor pillows and towels. 

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