Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Recap of painting the toy storage

Finally I'm done with all the painting. I was getting tired of painting. The first coat of primer took me nearly two hours to complete but luckily the subsequent coats only took about 30-40 minutes each. Its always harder to paint the first coat of primer because I try to cover everything. Second, third, and fourth coats were just to have better coverage. It was scary completing the project because I really didn't know if I was going to love or hate the new colors that I picked. I figured the worst case was to repaint the pink another color. I wanted a bright and bold color to paint the back so it can really stand out and the bold pink really works well with the white. As for now I'm loving the color combination.

This is only the beginning of the toy storage saga. I will be having many more posts on how to transform it into a true toddlers toy storage. I have big plans to incorporate a chalk board and magnet board for Emily to play with, how to make custom fabric storage boxes to hold toys, and how to store all the other random toys in a fashionable display using supplies we have laying around the house and on a budget.

Here are pictures of Emily's big girl playroom from before. Beware, its a scary room. This is the room that our guests have never seen before. Its not a large space but it can fit a queen bed and a dresser. There is also a small mirrored closet on the other side thats empty. 

The giant blue thing is Emily's waterside. We pull it out for her birthday parties. 

We also have large containers of toys like this around the house. Unfortunately it doesn't always look full like this throughout the day. The toys are usually scattered throughout the house. 

After an hour or so of cleaning and reorganizing the playroom this is what I came up with. All the large chairs are inside the closet and stacked on each other. The large blue waterside is also hidden inside the closet. The other side of the room is a blank wall and ready to accept the giant toy storage center. 

Finally, I brought these two bad boys in by myself. It was tough but I did it. 

We had to switch rooms in order for the giant toy storage to fit in our playroom. We switched the guest bedroom to the playroom instead. Here is one picture for now. I will have many more pictures tomorrow. I am currently displaying all of Emily's toys because I don't have pretty boxes for them to go in yet. For now this cluttered look will have to do until I get pretty boxes.  All her toys fit in this giant entertainment center. I'm extremely excited. 

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