Monday, May 20, 2013

Done with half of my shopping list

After a long day of shopping these are some of the supplies that I got. Yep... gorgeous marble subway tiles for our ugly fireplace. I also picked up the tile setting mat instead of thin set as mentioned earlier today. At only $20 a pack that will cover my whole fireplace, I'll take it in place of messy thin set any day.  Sorry I don't know how to rotate my picture yet so you will just have to tilt your heads.

Up next on my shopping list was something I came across by surprise. Remember I mentioned that I was going to leave the giant toy storage alone for a while to work on the fireplace? Well, I lied. I'm back to the giant toy storage again. I was shopping at Marshals and came across gorgeous decorative contact paper. Did I ever mention that I love contact paper? If I could cover my whole house with contact paper and not get referred to a pyschiatrist I probably would. Contact paper is cheap, easy to wipe and clean, easy to remove, I think its waterproof, durable, and very easy to apply.

For the longest time I thought about making decorative toy boxes. I've seen cute fabric ones at Target for about $10 a pop. Ten dollars for one box is okay but realistically I need about 10-15 boxes total for the office, emily's toy storage, etc. So I looked into making fabric boxes but fabric cost a lot too, spray adhesive can get messy, and.. fabric gets dirty fast. So I left the storage box idea alone and moved on to the ugly fireplace. Then I came across decorative contact paper and a light bulb lit up.  Here is what I purchased today.  I got two rolls of green and blue decorative contact paper for $10 total. I already had the plain white contact paper from previous projects.  The boxes behind will be transformed into pretty boxes by tonight. I tried to look for old shoe boxes but realized that I haven't bought any shoes for myself in a long time so I have no boxes. Isn't that sad? So I'll be treating myself to new shoes tomorrow. :) I grabbed whatever box I saw. I expect those three rolls of contact paper to produce at least ten pretty boxes for me. I don't have enough boxes yet but I'll make three for now.

I'll be back tomorrow for updates on my boxes and progress of the ugly fireplace facelift. Time to make dinner before hubby gets home from work. 

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