Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New bad boy in town

I've finally finished painting the giant entertainment center for Binh's office. Emily has a giant toy storage so Binh has to have a giant junk storage also. When I first finished painting everything, I thought I wouldn't have enough decorations to put on the entertainment center but once I was putting Binh's junk on there, I realized I didn't have enough shelves and storage. Its amazing how much Binh can hoard and we've only been at this house for two years.

Some quick changes I made for the entertainment include building a shelf for the TV area. Our TV is rectangular in shape and I didn't like how it sat so low so I asked my dad to build a simple shelf. Supplies were free since we had the wood pieces. The largest wood piece actually came from the corner desk that I plan to give away. We removed one side of the corner desk and made it a simple desk and took the corner part and made it into a shelf for the TV. Here's the corner desk from before to refresh your memory:

Then it was moved to the other side of the room and we removed the corner section. This is how it looked the other day. 

Heres the new entertainment after attaching the shelf for the TV. 

Here's the entertainment center today. I love that it was a very low cost/budget project and I was able to finish in a few days. If I wasn't pregnant, I would have completed the painting in one or two days tops but since I get tired so easily I was only able to paint for 15-20 minutes each period/day.  I only did one coat of paint and retouched some spots wherever it was needed. I didn't buy any new knobs or pulls. I just refinished them with some left over rustoleum spray paint from the door knob makeover a few months ago.

Here are the details. Can you tell that I cut corners and didn't paint the sides and the interiors behind the cabinet doors? Nope.. unless you take it apart or open the doors. I feel much more organized now. All of Binh's junk has a designated spot. I moved the spare computer to the right side. The wireless printer to the very top. Its slightly inconvenient but that was the only spot it would fit. All the shelves are decorated with mismatched/random electronics but thats the whole point of this giant entertainment center.... to store all of Binh's hoarding so it will work for now. I don't prefer this look but anything beats what this room looked like before.

And of course a before and after of the same angle to refresh your memory: 

Not bad for a $60 upgrade don't you think? 

Be back soon to post about my free desk. 

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