Thursday, April 24, 2014

Last DIY post for now

I went to my OB today and he said I'm 3 cm dilated so Kaley can arrive anytime now. This will be my last DIY project for a while. I was able to squeeze in a quick chair makeover before I went to the OB. I used some old dark brown/black paint I had from painting my china cabinet awhile back to finish off the chair. I was debating if I should paint the wood black but thought it might appear too harsh since the mirror and nearby accessories are a dark bronze. They all look black but its really dark brown. The color that I used is called french roast in satin.

This was right after I finished painting. The paint was still wet. I didn't even bother putting blue tape over the fabric. I just used a thin paint brush and carefully started painting. Whole process took about an hour long.

Here's my little corner with the almost dried chair. The chair doesn't match exactly to the desk and cabinet but I have never been the type that likes my furniture to all match. I actually like mixing different textures and colors together. 

Binh's side of the room is still ... blah.... 

Another angle of my corner, facing the french doors. 

Here's the before and after

Mismatched furniture can be an easy fix with a simple quart of paint.


This side isn't perfect but looks way better. I can officially announce that I'm no longer embarrassed of this room. I love that its an office space for both Binh and I and the kids can play in the sofa area with the soft ottomans. We can always move the ottomans to the side and put a tall toy basket on the lower shelf of the entertainment center (right under the vase). Its currently empty right now and would be perfect to store some of the kids toys. 

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