Friday, March 28, 2014

Change of plans

I've finally completed painting the three major pieces of the entertainment center and its been moved into the "office." Here's the space before and now for comparison at the same angle.  The corner computer desk is moved to the other side of the room and sofa has been pushed over towards the corner. This will be the new layout of the room. Heading out later to look for a simple, affordable, easy to maintain rug for sofa area. 

I just finished painting some of the cabinet doors and half of the shelves. I can't wait for them to dry and hang them up. I've stuck some of Binh's junk in the empty cabinets for now. Here's how the room looks when you first enter through the french doors. 

And some new exciting changes that I've picked up from Craigslist for FREE...  Two desks...

This one will belong to me.  I plan to put my sewing machine on it and it will be my new craft table/work station.  I can't wait to repaint it. I love the legs and the details.

This is Binh's new office desk. He's not happy with it because he says its not big enough for him but I don't care.  The two desks that we have are too big for the room. It fits but makes the room look so crowded. I'm giving those two desks away. PM me if interested. I plan to refinish this desk too.

I'll be back on Tuesday to give more updates. I have a busy schedule this weekend packed with parties and events to attend so no new updates. Hopefully, by Tuesday I'll have the entertainment complete and half decorated with the TV in place. As for now, have a good weekend everyone. 

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