Monday, April 7, 2014

Update on the office

Happy Monday everyone. Its been a very busy weekend for us but I was able to grab some goodies at Burlington Coat Factory to share with you guys. I bought two items for $53 total. I bought a huge mirror and some fake orchids to go on my desk. I've also rearranged some of the furniture in the office to get more space. Since nobody wants to take our old desk, I've decided to turn it into a huge dog house for Binh's 102 dogs. Yes we have a lot of dogs and they are taking over our backyard. Turning the desk into a dog house would be good because they are outdoor dogs and I feel bad that they don't have proper shelter during the cold winter/rainy months. We use to bring them in the office when it gets really cold but now that i'm cleaning up the office they won't be allowed in the house anymore except for really special occasions.  Having a sturdy wood dog house for all four dogs to share would be good.

After rearranging the office this morning, this is how it looks: 

Isn't my desk so pretty? She looks so pretty with the marble floors. I also moved one of the formal living room benches into the office to see if I liked how it would look. The bench is a little wide for the desk. I DIY the two benches in our formal dining room a while ago and have had a lot of people ask where I bought them or how I made them. I might take this opportunity to do a tutorial on a simple DIY bench with pleats and nail head trim.  I also plan to buy black metallic acrylic paint to paint the mirror. I feel like it blends in too much with the walls and desk. Its not bad but just a little too girly for Binh. Black will make anything more manly for him. LOL

Once I paint the mirror black and hang it higher, things will look better and make more sense. See the corner next to the window? I am getting ready to pick up an armoire/cabinet to store my vacuum and random supplies. 

The mirror was $40 and the orchid was $13. Both purchased at Burlington Coat factory. 

Here is the comparison of the before and after at the same angle:

And here's the other side: 

Total budget breakdown so far: 

Large entertainment center and paint: $60
Desk: free 
Accessories for desk: $63

Total: $123

So far it looks like day and night with the <$150 upgrade. 

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