Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Large DIY artwork

Today I wanted to share how I made a large DIY artwork for under $4. I've been searching online for free PDF artwork that would fit Binh's office. At first I was looking towards a basketball/sports or poker theme but quickly realized that it didn't look as professional as I wanted. Binh works half days from home in the mornings with web conference and two full days at home a week so I needed to give him a professional workspace. I came across this Octopus PDF from the Graphics Fairy and knew it was perfect for the office. The style for the artwork is much more mature and masculine so it might not suit everyone's taste but Binh thought it as cool looking as a first impression so I was sold.

Remember I bought three Virserum frames from Ikea a while back for $40... well I created an image on powerpoint and went to kinkos to get it printed out and cut to size to fit the three frames. Dimensions of my black and white image were 34 inches by 15.5 inches and cost me $3.25 with tax.

Here they are on Monday night after I carefully cut and taped them onto the mats of the frames.

Here they are on the office along the wall of the black sofa. The three frames span at least 60 inches across and 20 inches in height. I just threw some pillows I had to soften up the plain black sofa. Our rug from Kmart also came home. Rug was purchased for $40 shipped to my house. I wanted something plain, simple, and affordable.

I am looking for a large scale pendant/chandelier light to hang over the sofa. We currently have a plain pot light above the sofa and I think it would look really cool if I had a large fixture hanging instead.

Our ottomans aren't that big. The angle made the ottomans look huge. I have plans to reupholster those two ottomans. 

Total budget breakdown so far: 

Large entertainment center and paint: $60
Desk: free 
Accessories for desk: $63
Storage cabinet: $25
Kmart rug: $40
Three ikea Virserum frames and octopus art: $44

Total: Under $240

Future plans include covering the two ottomans with some toddler friendly fabric, repaint storage cabinet near window, repaint Binh's desk, and buy a few more accessories to decorate the room.

Almost forgot the before and after

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