Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Polyhedron pendant light for under $20

 Finally here are better pictures of Binh's new and improved office space. 

The view from out side of the office. The room feels so much more complete with the pendant hanging.

Here's another close up in case you aren't tired of looking at it yet. I wanted to mention that Target has GE Energy Efficient light bulbs for really cheap if you use their cartwheel (50% off) and stack it with their regular coupon for $2 off GE reveal light bulbs. Both coupons can be printed directly from Targets website. I got three bulbs for under $2. Regular price at Homedepot and Target for the exact bulbs cost around $7.


1. Gather all supplies. I purchased a $17 portfolio recessed light conversion kit on Amazon and quickly gathered the rest of my supplies. Other supplies include a dollar tree white foam board, masking tape, exacto knife, ruler, acrylic paint, small brush, and a cutting board. I decided to use white foam board because it was lightweight, thick, and cheap.

2. Cut the foam board into strips of 10 inches by 0.5 inches. I cut about 25 strips.

3. Cut twelve of the strips like the picture below. You want them to have an angle so you can tape the base into the shape of a hexagon. I didn't do any precise angle measurements. I just cut them at an angle and hope they fit.

4. Arrange six strips into a hexagon shape and tape into place. I made two hexagon rings like this for the base and top.

5. Using the remainder of the strips create V's using two strips. You will make six V's total and tape them onto the base of the hexagon. The best way to get the strongest V shape is by lining the two strips, leaving a small gap and taping them together. Leaving the gap allows you to bend the strips.

6. Attach the V's to the base and tops of the hexagon. Secure with masking tape.  Look at the shape of the hexagon carefully and tape it accordingly. Its really hard to explain but you need to tape the corners to the angles.

7. For the top and bottom I cut out longer strips. I cut twelve 11 x 0.5 inch strips. For the bottom I lined up the strips into a circle and carefully taped it together. I filled the circle with masking tape so it can hold better.

8. To attach the top of the pendant, I did the same thing as the bottom but I also cut out a circle that fit the cord for the pendant and left a small slit to slid the cord into place. Finally attach everything to the pendant.

9. Spray paint black or color of your choice. I used my rustoleum spray for the first coat because thats what I had at home. I ended up using regular acrylic paint and cost only $2. Spray paint was so wasteful. I think I used almost all of my remaining spray paint. I only have a little bit left. This was after the first coat.

10. Patiently wait for everything to dry and hang up your new gorgeous polyhedron pendant light.
Here's the teaser I showed you guys on Facebook the other night.

This is how it looks at night. I love the reflection of the pendant in the room.  It has the coolest effect and pictures don't do it justice.

Review of pendant light. 

This project took me about 1.5 hours total including assembly and painting. I had all the supplies at home except for the white foam board, acrylic paint and pendent light conversion kit. I spent under $20 to make and convert our pot light into a pendant light. I was able to do this project while Emily was taking her routine two hour afternoon nap. The restoration hardware version thats similar in size to mines cost a whooping $475 on SALE... LOL  Here's the link in case you wondered where I"m getting the numbers from. I think I'm one happy girl saving myself a lot of money by DIY this project. Overall, if you have two hours to spare and need a cheap and affordable pendant this is the project for you. 

Heres the total budget breakdown so far: 

Large entertainment center and paint: $60
Desk: free
Accessories for desk: $63
Storage cabinet: $25
Kmart rug: $40
Three ikea Virserum frames and octopus art: $44
Marshalls chair $18
Curtains $25
Pendant $20
Total: Under $305

Here's a comparison of the before and after



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