Saturday, March 22, 2014

The forbidden zone in my house

Today I wanted to take you into the forbidden zone in my house. This zone has many names. Its been called Binh's office/playroom, dog house, and the obvious .. the junk yard. If you have a weak stomach, please skip this post and not look at the pictures. They are just that bad. I hate going into that room because I feel sick and so tired just looking at it. Today, I got the courage to go inside and actually took pictures so I can see what I can do to make this space a little less horrific. As mentioned before, I have purchased a large entertainment center on Craigslist for $40. Its huge, spanning ten feet across and made of solid wood. Its been sitting in my backyard for over a month. I've been working on finishing up the girls nursery and guest bedroom. Now that I'm done with both of those rooms, I can move onto the forbidden zone.

Here are some pictures of the entertainment center: 
Its solid and has lots of compartments so I can hide all of Binh's junk. 

Finally, here are pictures of the junk yard. The room itself is quite big. It has two sofas, 3-4 chairs, two large desks, and whole lot of random junk. 

My goal for this room is to de-clutter and make storage compartments for everything. I will be giving away one of the desks to whomever willing to take it. The desk itself is in good/new condition, just looks bad with all of Binh's junk on it. This room needs a lot of help so my budget will be under $400. Good thing i'm almost due because I'm sure cleaning up this room will put me into labor even if I wasn't almost due. After painting one cabinet, I'm officially tired and need to rest up for the day since I have an event to go to tonight. I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday to do updates on the entertainment center. Have a good weekend everyone.

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