Friday, March 21, 2014

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Today, I finished off the guest bedroom with a mirror that I found at Burlington Coat factory for $40. It took me a long time to decide what I wanted to put above the bed. I actually purchased three frames from Ikea for $12.99 each but have decided to hang them in Binh's junk yard instead. I didn't have any art work to put in the frames so I hung a mirror instead. The guest bedroom is super tiny and has a large queen size bed so adding a mirror will only brighten and make the room feel larger.

Here's the mirror. I love the shape, design, and color of the mirror. I didn't want all the furniture and decor to be dark brown so this dark antique bronze look is perfect for the room. Its also huge. Its 30 inches and weighs under five pounds since its made of plastic.

Here's a close up of the distress antique color. 

Here are the frames I purchased at Ikea. I might return them. I'm not sure yet. They are a good price for the size and quality. It also comes with a mat and feels pretty solid. 

I hung up the mirror with my wonderful command strips. I scored two packages of command strips for sale at Target and I used a manufacture coupon for $3 off two command items. Command strips aren't cheap but they beat harassing my husband or dad to hang up frames. Its so much easier and more convenient. But most importantly ... when I hang them, they always come out straight and the way I want it. When the men in my life hang up stuff they make something simple so hard and its always crooked. The mirror was under five pounds  so I knew it was more then safe to use the command strips to hang it above the bed. I am over eight months pregnant taking care of a toddler and was able to hang the mirror up in under ten minutes with no problems so I know anyone can use the command strips. So ladies... no excuses for not hanging up frames in your house. 

This is how the back of the mirror looked with the command strips in place. I used four strips just to make sure. 

Five minutes later I got this: 

Finally, the wall above the bed doesn't look so boring and plain. 

Another quick update that I did to the guest bedroom was covering the $8 Target tv table with some left over blue/navy fabric I had. I just made a simple cover. I didn't have enough spare fabric so the back is empty but no one will really notice it. 

When you lift the middle part up you see my hidden storage area. The two large candle holders use to be in the closet but I stuck them under the table and hid it. I wanted to make a cover the table because I didn't like the legs of the table and the lamp wire was exposed. The table itself was only $8 so I didn't expect anything fancy. I just wanted functional and affordable.

I am really thinking of buying a larger lamp for the room. Its just too small IMO. I might just look for a larger lampshade with more drama. I'm not sure. This guest bedroom is pretty much finished except for making a new cover for the red pillow over the chair and finding a nice blanket for the chair. Right now I just stuck some left over canvas fabric I had over the chair. It works and I might just stitch some white fleece on the underside and call it a day as a new blanket. 

Here's a before and after of the side table. 

Here's a before and after of the guest bedroom: 

Here's the total so far:

Comforter set $35
Henny Rand curtains from Ikea $35
Small tv tray/table from Target $8
Plain white queen bedsheets $15 from Ross
Two blue decorative pillows- DIY project from a while ago
Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet $100
Oval Ross mirror $25
green tray from Target $1

Closet clean up $8
Mirror from Burlington coat factory $40
Thrift store lamp $10

Total $277

I was also able to recover some decorating costs by selling our dining room chairs on craigslist for $120. So I really only paid $157 for the whole room transformation. I think I did pretty good considering my budget was under $300 and I started off with almost nothing in the room. I was able to get a dresser, side table, hang curtains, clean out the closet, fix up the closet, and hang decorations on the walls. 

I'm really hoping I can finish off Binh's junk yard before I deliver Kaley. I actually purchased a large entertainment center to go in there but haven't had the energy to repaint it. I will try my best to tackle that room soon before my due date. 

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