Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Update on guest bedroom

I haven't really done much in our guest bedroom lately. I've actually hit a road block. If you look closely at our guest bedroom, there's a window right above the bed to the right. Here's a picture to refresh your memory.

I really hated how the window looks asymmetrical.  I didn't know what to do with the left side. I thought about putting a large frame or some kind of distraction but decided against it. When my dad put our guest bed together, he somehow convinced me that this was the best arrangement. But of course... he's wrong.. 

So over the weekend I contracted two mexicans I found near home depot.. just kidding.. they were my siblings and fed them left over bbq ribs and got them to rearrange my guest furniture. LOL

Here are pictures of the new and improved guest bedroom. No more odd window above the bed. The bed is placed against a plain wall.

Here's the other side where the window was at. 

Here's the other side of the room

I'm working on looking for a dresser to fill up that space. I'm not sure if I want a dresser since the space is so tight. I'm thinking of a fancy bookcase of some sort to save space for that area. I just need something to add to the boring wall. I figured guests don't really stay long enough to use dressers. They really just need something to lay/hang their clothes. 

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