Tuesday, March 18, 2014

$10 guest bedroom update

The last week or so I've been busy cleaning out our house. I've been pretty active on Craigslist selling all of the stuff we don't need anymore. Since I was working on our guest bedroom, I decided to clean out the closet. I've never really been a big hoarding type of girl so it was a fairly easy task. The guest bedroom closet itself wasn't very big. It was just a standard size closet with bifold glass sliding doors. I stuck our spare formal dining chairs in there since I didn't want them to get dirty. Its crazy how my chairs use to look before I reupholstered them white with nail head trim. The three chairs sat in my hallway almost a week before they were picked up. I was able to sell three chairs for $120 on Craigslist. This is how our guest closet looked prior to the clean up:


Then I brought in an old frame I already had from Emily's party. Her picture was still on the frame. 

Then off to the Dollartree I went, to look for affordable closet options. Under $10 later, I came back with this closet. 

I already had the plastic drawer in my garage. All I did was clean it up and moved it into the closet. It was actually our master bedroom night stand for about a year into living at this house. I've mentioned before that when we moved into our house we had nothing.. and I meant literally nothing except for maybe three towels, two pillows, and our clothes. Dollartree sells black and white floral contact paper for $1 each roll. I bought three rolls, two cardboard file boxes to wrap, and two sets of white hangers. The rest of the boxes/bags I already had laying around in my house. I really feel that adding the boxes for storage really makes the closet look and feel much cleaner. 

Finally, Emily's old white frame got a simple facelift. I used some left over metallic paper and added some simple DIY artwork from our very printer and hung it up with my beloved Command strips. 

The wall in between the door and closet was very bare and I didn't know what to do so I added the frame to break up the space. I feel that its simple, free, and doesn't clash with the rest of the decorations. 

Just a few more quick updates and this guest bedroom will be done.

Here's a side by side comparison of the before and after:

Here's the total so far:

Comforter set $35
Henny Rand curtains from Ikea $35
Small tv tray/table from Target $8
Plain white queen bedsheets $15 from Ross
Two blue decorative pillows- DIY project from a while ago
Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet $100
Oval Ross mirror $25
green tray from Target $1

Closet clean up $8

Total $227

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