Monday, August 19, 2013

Formal living room

Sorry no new projects today but I was able to take more pictures of our formal living room to share. Its a room that I have ignored for way too long. It doesn't get much love around here because we really never go there. Thus far I've done a mini sofa makeover, refinished two used captain chairs, and a quick coffee table makeover. The captain chairs were an impulsive purchase a while back for $20. I figured I needed extra seating and those chairs fit the budget so I picked them up at a local yard sale in upland. I refinished them to a dark espresso color to match our sofa and china cabinet. They will do while I search for a better replacement. I'm really looking for nicer armchairs but they can get pretty pricey.  Well enough gibberish and onto pictures.

Pillows were stolen from the living room. I still haven't decided on what pillows I want. 

Here's a shot of my DIY chair cover. A lot of people wonder how I can keep our chairs so white and clean.. the secret is they are removable and therefore washable. They aren't perfect but they are good enough for me. My old chairs were pretty ugly so anything is considered an upgrade.

Our formal space is a work in progress but its slowly coming along. I still need a new rug for the living space, new arm chairs, new pillows for the sofa, and refinish the side table.

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