Saturday, July 20, 2013

Simple coffee table makeover

I'm back today to post about my coffee table makeover. Last week I purchased a $10 coffee table that looked like this:

It was in pretty good shape, super heavy, located about three blocks from my house, and very affordable. When I purchased this coffee table I also bought a side table that I plan to makeover when I have more free time. Here's a really bad picture of the side table: 

I also got the side table for only $10. When I looked inside the drawer there were still some games and random things. I texted the seller back to see if she wanted to pick up her stuff but she never texted me back. Meanwhile, I guess I'll be keeping all the extra goodies that came with my side table. We got a nice chess set and three fairly new card games. 

I ran out of primer and paint so I had to run to Homedepot to restock on supplies. Total for all primer, paint, foam roller, and plastic drop cloth was under $30. I wanted to sand down the coffee table lightly because the top had some scuffs but I didn't have any sandpaper. Instead, I used a blade and scrapped all the uneven surface off. After scrapping I started priming. I used two coats of thick white primer and only one coat of white gloss paint. I am running out of DIY energy lately so I wanted this makeover to be simple and fast.

This is how it looked after the first coat of primer: 

After another coat of primer and one more coat of paint, this is how it looks: 

I really need to paint another coat of white because its not quite even but I got lazy. I figured our formal living room doesn't get much light because we have the wood shutters closed most of the time so one coat of paint is good enough for now. Plus, I always like to display decorations on top so its not really noticeable unless you really look closely. Here it is with the chess board and card games we got with the side table.  Doesn't the space feel inviting? Our formal living room is ready for entertaining.

Our formal living room still needs a lot of work but its slowly coming along. I need to go to Homegoods sometime this weekend to buy more decorations for our newly painted coffee table. 


  1. we still have no coffee table because I.haven't.been able to find any for cheap. so.jealous... I.want the.exact.table :-) great job

    1. I"ve been really lucky finding such cheap deals. When i search on craigslist I filter the price so it only shows me free or very cheap items. Good luck on finding one. I was able to find a few that were free but I just didn't like the style.