Saturday, August 10, 2013

DIY flush mount album

Binh and I have been married since 2010. After our wedding, everything has been about Emily because  I found out I was pregnant two weeks later. Thinking back to our wedding, I realized how expensive weddings can get. Fortunately for us, we had a two year engagement so I was able to save money by DIY and buying big ticket items on clearance. Some of the DIY items include our centerpieces, invitations, dance floor, and now our official wedding album. After our wedding I ordered an album from Adormapix and was quite happy with their product. I ordered a 76 page 10x10 leather album for about $100. I made sure I waited until their albums were 40% off and scored a great deal. I really liked their album because it has nice and thick pages, they are lay flat pages, and were 10x10 which made it very easy to stick in my purse to show friends. Since there were so many pages, it consists of many pictures and really showcased our wedding in a storyline. However, it wasn't a flush mount album. I've searched for a long time and couldn't settle on an affordable option for flush mount albums.

Recently I came across Nations photo lab and it so happened that they had a 40% off sale on their flush mount albums. I ended up ordering a 12x12 leather flush mount album with 30 pages for $200 including no tax and shipping.  I designed the album myself using their basic uploader and it took me about five hours to complete. Overall I love the album. Its extremely heavy, with extra thick unbendable pages, and a basic leather cover. I usually like plain black leather for my albums because I feel that they are classier and won't look old over time.

It came in a very nice package that was easy to open and protected the album. Production and delivery of the album took almost a month but estimated times were given on their website so I was expecting it already. The album also came with a storage box. Its sturdy and plain. Its made of cardboard and just black. Its nothing fancy but it came with the album and it just so happens that I like it simple like that.

For some reason, I love the look of a plain black leather wedding album. I think it looks so classic. I use to like the albums with the acrylic covers of our images but overtime plain and black seems more classic  and less outdated. Plus it helps that its basic and always the cheapest option for flush mount albums.

The pages are extra thick with black and white edge and rounded corners.

Once opened to the first page its a black silk murray lining. 

Once opened the album is completely flat and there is no line in the middle. Photos came out very crisp and clear. 

After being married for almost three years, I feel that our wedding has become a very distant memory. It was a very joyous day for Binh and I and I have learned to showcase some of the memories in our bedroom. Since our whole house has been taken over by pictures of Emily, I feel that our bedroom is the only real place that we can have images of just us. Currently we have two framed pictures of Binh and I in our bedroom. The first one is located on the odd niche blogged about here and second picture is above Binh's nightstand of us and our DIY monogram dance floor. I had to take the picture at an odd angle due to a glare from an adjacent window. 

Anybody want to share how they have displayed images from their wedding in their home? 

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