Monday, August 12, 2013

Estimates of master bathroom makeover

The last few days I've been researching the best way to remodel my bathroom on a budget. Currently, our master bathroom has marble tiled floors and granite countertop for the double sink. The sink cabinets were already painted white and its in near perfect condition. I really love the tiled floors but I'm not super fond of our granite countertop. When we first moved to our house, I hated our kitchen granite countertops but now I'm living in harmony with it so I'm hoping the same will happen with the bathroom countertops.

The plan for the master bathroom remodel (with budget prediction) include:

*framing out the two mirrors above the sink. (<$50) ***already done. I just need to write a post about it. Cost $30 to build wood frames around our mirrors.

* adding nice knobs to the cabinets (<$30)

*accessorize the area in between the two sinks and maybe hang something between the two mirrors (<$50)

* repaint the bathroom ($30)

* add tile to shower and add niche to store shampoo bottles (<$300)

* add accent glass tile to tub (<$50)

*add new frameless shower door ($600-1000) I might just use our basic door because I don't think it makes a significant difference for over $500. I've looked at model homes and they have the basic shower doors with nice tiles and it looks just as stunning.

Currently, I'm working on redoing the shower part with tile. I've come across some minor issues.

Estimates I have received from various plumbers/contractors/etc

1. I provide supplies/base and he will install new shower base $200. My dad will tile the shower and add the niche. Bad news is that our shower pan isn't standard. Its an odd size and I would have to custom order it. Custom ordered shower pan/tile base will cost around $600. Our tub will remain the basic builder grade acrylic tub and I would just have to build a wood tub surround for it.

2. $3,000-$4,500 contractor will do everything. They provide all supplies (shower base, tiles, niche, etc) I basically just pick the marble and they demolish my tub and shower. They will install new soaking tub with marble and glass accent surround to my liking and new marble shower. I will provide them with a new tub. This option isn't my first choice because my tub and shower will be all marble and not wood.

3. Last estimate was for the same contractor as number 2 but he will only build a wood base for the tub, install new tub with marble top and install only the base for the shower. My dad will tile the shower and add niche. Cost will range about $1,000-1,500. I will provide new tub for him to install.

All these estimates don't include the shower door. We would have to order a custom shower door or use our old one.

Currently I'm loving wood bases for the tub instead of the traditional marble/granite/tile surround. It so happens that a wood tub surround is cheaper than the marble tub which is better since I prefer the wood surround. I feel that a complete marble tub, marble shower, marble floors, and granite countertops will be too much stone for my bathroom. I like more texture and dimension or maybe I just naturally gravitate to cheaper styles. LOL Here are inspirations that I'm looking into. I really love white wood bases and plain white/marble tops for the tub.

Right now I'm thinking of going with option #3. Its the middle price and we would get a new tub and shower. I'm guessing if I went with that option, total cost for master bathroom makeover will range about $2,000 including new accessories/paint listed above. New soaking tub will cost about $100. I've looked at a few possible options. New faucets/shower heads would cost another $200 I'm hoping. $2,000 for a new master bathroom isn't too bad but nothings wrong with my current bathroom. Its just ugly, plain and basic. I can't seem to get over being wasteful.

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