Friday, August 16, 2013

The daybed take 2

Recently I purchased a dorel daybed from Walmart. I was sad because quality was not great and it was way too big for Emily's big girl playroom. We wanted something for the kids and adults to lounge on and Emily to sleep on if she wanted. Since a standard size daybed was too big for the room we ended up having to build a custom size daybed. While working on our fireplace, I asked my dad to build us a simple daybed with some of the left over wood/MDF from the fireplace project. Supplies for the daybed were free because my dad already had all the wood that we needed.

A long time ago we had purchased a fold-o-mat from Walmart for $39. We I thought it was a good deal because I can always lay it out and lay on the floor with it. The foam in itself probably cost more then $39 if we were to buy it separately so I was sold that it was a good price. We really have used it a lot. When Emily was a baby we would lay the mat out and let her crawl around on the floor. We washed the cover so much that the zipper broke so we had to throw away the cover. I was so sad. The mat was still usable but got really dirty and collected a lot of hair. The only way to use it was to lay a flat sheet over it but it looked messy, so off to the storage closet it went. I knew in the back of my head that one day I will put the foam to good use.

I asked my dad to build me a simple storage daybed similar to this

but when I came back from grocery shopping he built me something totally different. Oh wells, thats what I get for leaving my dad unsupervised. 

Here is the new perfect sized daybed with our old foam. I only had to use one foam mat so I still have two more mats left. I'm not sure what I'm planning to do with it yet. Emily is already loving the new daybed. Her toys are already all over it. She even pretended to nap on it before I got a chance to make a cover for it.

Fast forward two months later, i've been dragging my feet to do anything due to a terrible thyroid flare up. I've been so exhausted for no apparent reason. I'm not sure if its because of the heat or my thyroid... or maybe its both. Regardless, today I was able to complete the cover for the daybed.

I bought two yards of white and green fabric at Joanns for $25. I just made a simple split cover for the bottom. Its great because I can hide more toys under the daybed. The white fabric is really cute. It has white plastic dots if you look closely. Its a fun twist to just plain white.

Remember that rug that I meant to return? I never got around to returning it. So I guess that means I'll have to keep it for now. Its ok... it was too much work to return it.

Be back on Sunday with more updates on pillows, decorations, and Emily's big girl playroom.

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