Thursday, July 4, 2013

Decorating an odd niche

Our master bedroom has an odd niche between the bathroom and bedroom. Its a small space with storage underneath. I love the storage space underneath because the storage is huge. But the top is so odd to decorate. I thought about putting shelves on it but changed my mind because it was too high and deep to reach. The space is nice because there is a pot light on top and crown molding.

I have been looking at model homes and stumbled across a few with the same niche. It was great to see how model homes decorate that niche. Here is a bad picture of one of the model homes. Now the space doesn't feel so odd. Realistically no one in their right mind would have such a nice coffee maker and cup in that niche in their bedroom but the concept was great because it makes me feel so welcomed at the model home. 

So off to Michaels I went to look for more decor to copy.  I love that the frame is hung high and the mat inside is cut so only the top portion of the frame has the picture. It really draws the attention of the eyes upward making the space feel bigger. Plus its cheaper to make smaller art. 

Tip: Remember to measure your space first before purchasing anything. Eye balling never works when it comes to home decor in my opinion. 

Then came another tray that I purchased at Goodwill for $4. This tray was special because its not flat like all the other trays I've refinished. This tray has a crocodile feel to it. It came out great with the glossy white finish. Sorry I don't have a close up after of the tray. I wasn't able to capture the cracks after painting it white. Here's a picture of the tray before I refinished it so you can see the texture.

Here is the odd niche after with a few affordable decorations from Homegoods, Michaels, and Goodwill.  

First off, I bought a really big picture frame from Michaels for $30 with their 40% off coupon. I believe its 24x36.  I ordered a black and white photo print of Binh and I during one of our engagement photoshoots. Binh's cousin Therese did a wonderful job taking Engagement pictures for us and I always wanted to do something with her pictures but wasn't sure what. This picture was perfect for this niche because it really displays the architecture of the building and not us but you can still see us. Notice I also hung the picture high up so the eye travels upwards and makes the niche feel larger. 

Then came some clear candlesticks and a tall vase with dial soap inside. The candle sticks and vase were from Homegoods and cost me a good fortune. Total for three pieces were $40 including candles and soap. I added some dollar tree soap inside the vase for decor and scent. Its a cheap and easy way to make your bedroom smell good.  For some reason the candles look so dark in the picture. They are much lighter and not so dense in person. The candles actually complement the tray really well. 

Heres another picture at a slightly different angle. Every time I walk pass our odd niche I feel like its so girly and glam. It makes me feel fancy. 

Anybody else have an odd niche or spot they have in their home? 

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