Thursday, July 4, 2013

My forbidden zone

I've mentioned before in another post that the two forbidden zones in our house are the pantry and Binh's junk yard/office. Today, I made it a goal to clean up my pantry. Every few months I try to clean out our pantry but it just looks messy no matter how I clean/organize things around.

This is our pantry before:

I have a lot of contact paper from previous projects so I used them to make more decorative boxes using old boxes we have laying around the house. First thing I did was make a large snack box for Emily. The snack box alone was a huge help because we had a lot of smaller boxes of snacks that were taking up a lot of space.  Emily's snack box was her old diaper box. I also used an old container and wrapped contact paper to store all her straws. 

All the cans/soups went into one large container and were placed on the floor. We don't want Emily to accidentally pull one off the shelf and hurt herself. 

I made a medications box for the very top. Its great because now we have a designated place for medications and first aid supplies.  Then I put almost all the dry foods from the middle shelf into a large box. The blue box stores all the dry foods/baking supplies from the middle shelf. 

This is the other side of the pantry. Its hard to take pictures of our whole pantry because its so small. I only have one more baby wipes box to wrap and our pantry will be complete.

This project took me over three hours to organize because Emily wouldn't leave me alone. This project is great because cost for materials was free. I had all the boxes and contact paper. Its amazing what storage boxes can do to make a space feel so much more organized and clean. Believe it or not, I didn't throw anything away except for empty boxes of snacks.  The pantry looks so empty and clean now. The storage boxes piles everything inside upwards so it saves space and makes the whole pantry look clean and empty. I now have a clean and presentable pantry. I am no longer embarrassed of our pantry. 

After wrapping all those boxes, I still have so much more contact paper. I feel like I have a never ending supply of contact paper.  

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