Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hatching up a plan for the kitchen

When we first moved into our home, we refinished our kitchen cabinets. We had the basic builder grade blonde cabinets with granite countertops.

Here are some old pictures: 

              Hubby and I just photo 3296403-1

              Hubby and I just photo 3296403-2

              Hubby and I just photo 3296403-3

Here are the afters: 

  Hubby and I just photo 3296403-4    Hubby and I just photo 3296403-5
                  Hubby and I just photo 3296403-7

This is our refrigerator: 

                  Hubby and I just photo 3296403-9

These are pictures that I took tonight: 

I hate looking at our refrigerator because its not built in. I love the look of built in refrigerators but they just aren't in our budget. If you notice, our refrigerator is too small for that space. Our fridge is a pretty good size but the builders of our home decided to make extra space around the fridge. I am guessing its a common trend to have the extra space around the fridge for brooms and stuff. Its a great spot to store my stick vacuum and steam mop but I hate looking at that gap. 
I plan to upgrade our kitchen by building pull out cabinets on the side and extending the cabinets above the fridge so they are even with the fridge instead of having that huge gap in between. The picture below has a pull out cabinet next to the fridge. I love that idea and plan to copy it. 

The picture below shows how the upper cabinets are even with the fridge. I plan to do something similar to that. 

  I saw this video on the DIY network and plan to copy it. Heres the link to the video. 

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