Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Adding curb appeal

Last week I tackled our ugly brass door knobs. I did the front door knobs last because I was afraid to take it apart. It looks too complicated for me to put back together. The outside looked easy to take apart but when I opened the inside.. I knew that I had to back off so I decided to paint it in place.

Steps are fairly simple:

1. Loosen the screws that are visible and tuck newspaper/magazine paper under the door knob. Before tightening the screws make sure to tuck paper on the other side of the door knobs too.

2.  Clean the door knob with Windex or cleaning solution of your choice. Then spray paint the door knob. When spray painting make sure to use an extra large sheet of paper to catch extra spray paint that can fly to other areas of your door. Or you can use a box and cut out one side to catch all the extra paint. 

3. Wait for the paint to dry and remove the newspaper/magazine paper. If you do get some on your door, you can go to Homedepot and color match your front door with swatches. Just pick a bunch of color swatches that you think looks like your front door and bring it home to get the color that matches the most and ask Homedepot to make it in that color with the sample size paint. The sample size paint cost under $3. 

Review:  Fairly easy project. It was hard to get all the crevices and underside of the door knobs with spray paint because I was constantly afraid of getting it on our white door. I recommend taking off the door knob but make sure you know how to reattach it before taking it apart. 

While doing this project, I realized that my "white" front door is no longer white. It looks like an off white, tinted yellow color. I can't live with an off white door while the rest of our house trim is pure white so next week I will be painting our front door white. If you see the picture below, I didn't bother painting the top door knob because I know I'm going to be painting my door soon. I also plan to spruce up our curb appeal since its something that I've been neglecting since we've moved here. 

***Update on indoor painted door knobs: I love the new dark bronze color. Everything is holding up really well. No chips, no complaints. It looks like we spent a lot of money on updating the door knobs. Our house has mainly cream colored walls so adding dark bronze really makes it stand out nicely. I highly recommend everyone to refinish their door knobs to update their house.  

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