Thursday, May 1, 2014

Last minute nesting updates

The last couple of days I've been preparing our home for Kaley's arrival. Two things that I'm excited to share are a free medella breast pump and scheduling a house cleaning service for post partum.

I'm surprised to know that many women are unaware of health plans covering breast pumps. I can't speak for other insurance companies but we have Anthem blue cross high option PPO and ordered a Medella double breast pump for free with no copay/deductible. Everyone who have bought a breast pump knows that these things are expensive and can range up to $300-400 for one. I did a quick search online and found and filled out their online eligibility form. Whole process took me about five minutes. A few days later I got a call from one of their representatives confirming my order status. I was glad I didn't have to do a single thing. I actually didn't even pick up the call because I wasn't familiar with the number. Within a week, I got another automated confirmation call and email stating my tracking number for my order. The next day I received my Medella breast pump. I'm one happy girl and glad the whole process was super easy and stress free. I know Kaiser insurance does not cover breast pumps. They will only provide you with a manual breast pump unless you have a special prescription from your OB.

Here I present to you my free Medella Breast pump. I like it so far because its very portable and not bulky as I imagined. It arrived with a few free items such as bottles, nipples, and disposable pads. 

I've tried a few brands of breast pumps including Medella, lansinoh, and Evenflo. I can say I've tried the most expensive $1000+ (Medella symphony) and the more affordable brands (about $150). I was fortunate enough to exclusively breastfeed for ten months with my first child. So I hope by passing on this information, expectant mothers can all have the opportunity to order their breast pump for free or at least a reduced cost. It really doesn't hurt to fill out a five minute online form from Edgepark.

Second exciting update I wanted to share: I've booked my very first home cleaning service for post partum. I was really debating if I wanted to hire a cleaning service because I'm pretty picky and know that only I can clean the way I want. After much debate I booked Homejoy services for $49 for 3 hours of cleaning service. They had a special and I just happened to come across them. They are scheduled to come two days after my due date so I'm really hoping to just come home to a house I can still recognize.

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