Thursday, May 15, 2014

Carseat accessories

A few days ago I mentioned I had a spare yard of fabric from Joanns. I plan to make a cute car seat cover and today while the kiddos were taking their routine afternoon nap I was able to make a simple carseat canopy and strap cover.

The other side of the canopy.

The carseat strap cover. I was really surprised that our carseat didn't come with basic strap covers. I ended up making matching ones for the carseat. I made it with extra cushion by using some small old hand towels.

Tutorial for simple carseat canopy: 

1. I started off with a yard of two different fabrics. 

2. I eyeballed to see how much fabric I wanted to have on our carseat. I ended up cutting a small strip off so I can make the strap cover and strings to hang the canopy.

3. I used a large plate to mark the corners. I wanted rounded corners. 

4. I trimmed both fabrics at the same time. I stitched them both together with the backsides facing outwards and leaving a small opening so I can flip the canopy over later. 

5. This is how it should look after being flipped over. Notice the small corner that is open. This is the opening I used to flip the whole canopy inside out. 

6. I was too lazy to iron the whole canopy so I made another stitch to flatten everything. At this point, it looked like a very fancy blanket. 

7. I cut out two smaller cubes for the strap cover from the extra strip of fabric from step 2. Set aside. 

8. Cut the fabric into two. 

9. Stitch together inside out and flip over. Finally attach it to the canopy. I just eyeballed it to avoid the carseat handle. 

Sorry no tutorial on how to make the strap cover. Its pretty straight forward and its attached via velcro. 

I spent a total of $24 to make the car seat canopy, strap cover, poncho nursing cover, and nursing pads. I added $4 to the total from the other day because of the polka dot fabric. Overall review of projects: I generally don't do small projects because its not really worth my time. I enjoyed doing these mini projects because I have a little bit of downtime when my kids are napping. Plus it makes me feel like i'm doing something special for my kids since its custom made by mommy.

I went to Joanns to pick up the light pink polka dot fabric and also picked up these three coral fabrics to decorate our sectional. Our living room has been neglected for way too long. The boring colors along with being stuck at home due to the humid weather is making me depressed. I got a yard each of the below fabric. Total for all four fabrics (including the pink polka dot fabric) were $20. They are all on sale.

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