Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Boobie accessories

I've been missing for the last two weeks because I've popped out a healthy baby girl. We've been home for about about a week now and I've just started to get my routine back. Newborn stage is really nice because all they do is eat, sleep, and poop. Kaley sleeps 90% of the day so i'm able to do about the same amount of work around the house.

Enough about updates, today I wanted to talk about women and our boobs. I've been very fortunate and have been able to successfully breastfeed Kaley thus far. Any woman who breastfeeds understands there are certain issues that come with breastfeeding. First issue, being discreet. I'm not talking about hiding out in the bathroom just to breastfeed (gross by the way) but keeping us mothers from doing a flash friday. I usually go to my own little corner or try to find a more discreet place to feed but I still feel the need to find a way to let others know i'm busy breastfeeding. The solution: HOOTER HIDERS. While recovering I made my own little "hooter hider." Its actually more of a poncho with velcro on the sides for easy access. I got two yards of fabric from Joanns.

I used one yard to make my poncho. The idea is pretty straight forward so I won't be doing a tutorial on it. I just hemmed the sides and cut out a large V for the neck opening. I'm pretty petite so one yard was good enough for me but I would recommend using 1.5 yards so its a little longer for women who are over 5'3. I like this poncho version over the traditional front cover only versions because I have more coverage on my torso from the back. Sometimes I have to pull up my shirt and a traditional front only nursing cover won't really work well for me. This poncho version ensures that all angles are covered. 

Heres the view of the velcro. I added the velcro for easy access. 

Second issue with breastfeeding... leaky boobies. Not quite the idea of a wet t shirt contest but you get the point. This time around, I opted to make my own washable nursing pads. I used the disposable nursing pads from all the brands possible with my first daughter but they all work about the same. Only solution is to replace them very often. I've looked into washable nursing pads and decided to make my own with an old towel and some cute nursery fabric. 

Steps are pretty easy. I used a template I made from cardboard and cut circles from the towel I had. I was planning to donate this white towel because it got discolored from being washed with new dark jeans. Nothing was wrong with the towel. I just didn't like the off white color. 

I stitched the towel right onto the uncut nursery fabric. I got a pack of 30 pieces of fabric from Joanns for $3-4 with a coupon. I left a small opening so I can flip the nursing pad over. Before flipping it over, I cut/trimmed the excessive fabric with scissors. The towel circle looks shaggy because I rewashed it before I stitched it together.

This is the trimmed version.

This is the final version. They aren't perfect but works well for me and was a simple, affordable, and fun project for me to do while my kids were taking a nap. I haven't finished making all 30 yet but I think I've completed about 20. I have plenty to use for now so I might just stop at 20.

I still have one more yard of the nursing cover fabric. I'm thinking of making a matching portable changing pad with some left over foam to put in my SUV for travel or else making a carseat cover. I'm leaning towards making a carseat cover similar to this with the remaining fabric.

Total cost for my poncho nursing cover and the nursing pads were $20 from Joanns with a 40% off coupon. Not a bad project considering most nursing covers cost at least $30.

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