Monday, June 16, 2014

Forgotten post

I'm so happy to announce that I've successfully finished off Binh's desk. I've actually finished it a while ago but forgot to publish this post. I was so busy because my husband was out of town for a whole week and I was left with two kids by myself one month post partum and that same weekend my brother  got married. Talk about a crazy busy schedule. I was so behind on everything that I didn't even have time to get myself a decent dress for my brothers wedding. In addition, the following week our Kaley turned one month so we decided on a whim to do her baptism and have a party for her, so I put together a party in two days. Anyways, back to the desk, to refresh your memory, the desk started off looking like this:

If only you knew how much I hated that desk.... It was too big, too ugly, and didn't match our office space. So over the course of a few weeks this free desk from CL got a transformation.

And finally, here it is in all its glory in place of the ugly old desk in our office. I finally put a protective top coat on the desk and was able to put some of binh's stuff back on the desk. I didn't have enough time to style the desk yet because my kids woke up. I barely had enough time to tape up an outline of artwork that I plan to hang up there. I'm not sure what kind of artwork i plan to put there yet but I know I want something of a large scale and with lots of dark and light contrasting colors. I feel like the desk is so dark and the monitors/keyboard/etc is also so dark that I need to break up all the darkness. 

The desk still looks quite busy and doesn't stand out yet but i'm not done with this side of the room. Once I figure out the accent piece of artwork above the desk, things will look much better. And as far as Binh's ugly ergonomic chair.... I would love to get rid of it but Binh said he loves that chair. Since he's actually working and sitting on that chair quite a bit I won't be touching that chair. So far the only thing that I've kept in his office are the black couch and his two chairs. I let him switch out between his all leather chair and ergonomic chair. 

I placed his ergonomic chair near my desk and put a cheap $1.99 Ikea blanket over it. It serves as a nice  comfortable extra seat near the sofa and Binh can easily switch out his chairs whenever he feels like it. It also helps to fill up the space in the room since the room feels rather empty along the walls. I also pulled out our storage ottoman and placed it along the wall of the window. It has been hiding in our master bedroom but since Kaley's stuff is taking over I had to find a new spot for it. 

Here's my side of the room. The walls still look empty but it does look clean and clutter free which I really like. 

Here's Binh's desk once again. I plan to put some kind of large dramatic artwork above his desk. I've been eyeing on some extra large clocks but haven't found one that suitable for his space yet.

And finally a before and after of the office space. 


Heres the total budget breakdown so far: 

Large entertainment center and paint: $60
Desk: free
Accessories for desk: $63
Kmart rug: $40
Three ikea Virserum frames and octopus art: $44
Marshalls chair $18
Curtains $25
Pendant $20
Storage cabinet: $25
Binh's desk: $20 (desk free but I bought more brushes and a top coat)

Total: Under $325

Not bad considering I took out everything in the room except for his two chairs and black sofa. The room was never meant to be fancy or perfect. This makeover was only suppose to make the junk yard turn into a normal looking office. For under $350 and some elbow grease I've been able to get some quality pieces of furniture (entertainment center, two wood desks, and storage cabinet) and decor to make over the whole room. 

I will be returning to work in 6 weeks so I hope to be able to fix/clean out our garage and finally spruce up our back yard. I've gathered some budget friendly ideas for my garage makeover so I hope to be able to share it soon. 

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