Friday, June 27, 2014

Office reveal

I'm excited today because I hung up the clock in Binh's office. I used one command strip and some mounting tape. I still need to order some clock hands but that can wait. Finally the office is 98% complete. If I remember correctly, total budget so far is about $350.

Here's a horrible up close picture. This clock looks pretty good to me because its so cool and masculine.  It also matches the polyhedron pendent that I made a few weeks ago. 

Here's the desk with the clock. Now the space above the desk isn't so empty. Its a great size for the space and adds a good amount of contrast without adding darkness to the space. I wanted something with high contrast to the room to add drama without making everything look dark. In pictures I feel like Binh's desk looks like a big black glob but the clock breaks it up nicely and distracts from all the black. 

Here's a wider view of the room. When you first enter the office, you automatically are drawn to the polyhedron pendant light and the clock. I do feel that they are the statement pieces of the room without overshadowing the furniture and decor. 

Now the walls in the office don't look so empty anymore. I feel that adding accessories to the wall really makes the room feel bigger because it draws your attention upwards. It also makes a house feel more like a home. Empty walls make a house feel naked to me.

Here's the rest of the office: 

Here's a side by side comparison from before and after: 



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