Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meet the royal Princesses

Emily is turning three in September and she's starting to talk a lot. She's at the age where she loves princess and disney stuff. We went to a birthday party not too long ago and they had a princess themed party and so of course when I asked Emily what kind of party she wanted she said a "I'm a princess. I want a princess party." In preparation for her upcoming princess party, we asked our photographer to take some pictures of both of our princesses.

Credit goes to our super hard working photographer because my two princesses were not cooperating during the photoshoot. Kaley was fussy all day and had a stomach ache while Emily was throwing her usual tantrums and being camera shy. You can view more at Le Photography or through their Facebook here. I've mentioned before that taking professional family pictures are so important because our kids are only young once. As sad as it may sound but overtime we forget how they look as newborns. Their details seem to blur overtime. Since the weather has been so warm and I was about one month post partum our photographer was able to take all the pictures in the comfort of our home. Being able to take pictures at home was the biggest plus with our photographer.

First up is the first time ever, grand introduction of our Princess Kaley. I've been holding out on posting pictures of Kaley because I've been wanting to post her newborn pictures. Finally here are some pictures of our newest princess.

Here is our royal Princess Emily.

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