Friday, September 5, 2014

Simple DIY princess invitation

Today I'm back from a long hiatus. Lately I've done a few small projects around the house but haven't had time to post them. I've repainted a linen closet and hung up some more curtains in our playroom and master bedroom. If I have time I'll do a post about them in the future. Emily's third birthday is coming up and I wanted to share how I made simple invitations for her. I usually don't make invitations but I came across some really cute glittery paper so I just couldn't resist.

I always use google slides to design my templates. I love google slides because it is all online and seems to be pretty universal among macs and pcs. If you don't have a gmail account, you can just simply type google slides on your google search box and it should come up as the first one. I didn't have to download anything and it was completely free. I just play around with the editing and wording. The pink crown can be found on google images and added via image art. Personal information has been edited for privacy.

Supplies that I used include Elmers spray glue, pink princess glitter card stock paper, and social envelopes. I went to Michaels to pick up all the supplies. I used a 40% off coupon and made my husband get in line for every item since I was shopping and taking my sweet time. Pink glitter card stock is 12x12 and sold for $1.99 each but I was able to get them for $1.20 each. Each 12x12 card stock can produce six invitations. 

After designing my basic template on google slides I made a template for the shape of the invitation. I knew from the beginning that I only wanted something simple and easy to make for her invitations. I picked a fancy template so it could stand out. To get the fancy template I just searched invitations with that deign and printed it out. I printed the invitations on regular white card stock I have laying around. I just trace the template and cut them with regular scissors. 

Here it is not yet glued together. 

Here's the finished product in English. I made some in Vietnamese to give to the older people but my mom took them all.

I fell in love with the pink glitter paper so I had to make invitations. I'll be passing them out like candy this weekend. I made 24 invitations for under $10 with lots of left over supplies. At roughly $0.40c per an invitation, I think its pretty cheap and easy to make. If I need more the cost per an invite will drop. Each new invitation would cost me $0.20c if I decide to make more. (Given that I still have envelopes and glue left over). Initially I was going to just order from Shutterfly or Zazzle but couldn't find anything I liked at my price range. General cost would have been about $1 per an invite including shipping unless I ordered a lot. In the end, I decided to make my own.

Cost for supplies: 

Pink card stock $1.20 x4= $4.80
glue ~$2.50 using 40% off coupon at Michaels
50 4x6 social envelopes ~2.50 using 40% off coupon at Michaels
white card stock already had in stock at home. You can use regular white paper.

I did this project just because I felt it was fun and Emily really liked the pink glitter paper. She would ask me every time she saw the paper what it was for. I would respond that its for her princess birthday party and she would get super excited. Her sweet response is really priceless to me. :) 

Hopefully if I don't procrastinate too much I will be able to blog about some of her other simple DIY party decor. Thats it for today's post. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend. 

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