Saturday, September 13, 2014

Budget frozen princess party decor

I'm back as promised from a few days ago to update on Emily's last minute party planning/decor. As mentioned a few days ago this whole table setting cost about $30 excluding the actual cake.

Birthday banner was made using Dollartree construction paper. I did have to buy two more packs of paper because I ran out of blue. 

Oh.. the story of the cake. Its always the item I dread the most because .. pretty cakes are so darn expensive. I baked the cupcakes myself and ordered a 6 inch cake from Dolce. When I came to ask how much it would cost to make the Frozen cake with the characters, I was quoted $15+ for a fondant crown or characters…. not including the cake itself…Ugh.. I thought about it and said.. give me a basic cake and I'll put my own topping on it. $30 later and $1 crown I got this cake. 

I made the tutu myself with sparkly fabric from Micheals. I stitched it onto card stock and spray glued it onto the base of the cake. The cake stand was just made from Dollartree foam board cut into circles held up by clear cups. 

I bought a regular cake from costco for under $20 to serve everyone. So all together I really spent about $100 for all the decor and cakes. 

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