Monday, August 18, 2014

Chair update part 1

I posted a few weeks ago regarding my CL patio chairs. Today I was able to makeover the cushions. Two years ago Lowes had a super clearance on their outdoor curtains and I picked up some 132" panels for $9 each. However, after having them for about a year I decided to return them unopened because I simply didn't want them. Fortunate for me, Lowes return policy is super and allowed me to return them without a receipt. I kept one panel because it was opened and I felt bad for returning an open package. Fast forward til today, I pulled the panel out of my collection of fabrics I've been hoarding and started cutting away while my kids were taking their daily nap. I was barely able to make six cushion covers with one 132" panel. They aren't the best looking cushions but they will work for now.

Here's a quick picture I snapped of the chairs before the sun came down. 

The fabric is very durable and made for outdoor use. I'm not super fond of the design but all I really wanted was something lighter to contrast with the dark chairs. The chairs were still unfinished from this picture.

Here's a before and in progress after: 


Fast forward to last weekend, I had a few hours of time since I didn't schedule myself to work. I sprayed the chairs down with water and lightly scrubbed them with a sponge. While waiting for them to dry, I ran to Homedepot to grab some more spray paint and Hobby Lobby to grab some supplies (fabric and spray paint). $22 later, I came home with 1.5 yards of outdoor fabric and two bottles of Rustoleum spray paint.

I started spraying away and finished off the cushions. I'm short about a yard of fabric for the cushions (missing two more cushions) so I'll have to run back to Hobby lobby to grab some more of that fabric when I have time. One thin coat later here are the new chairs. 

Its only been a week and our cushions are already dirty from our dogs. Good thing I didn't spend money on those cushions. One day I'll gave them another facelift but for now those cushions will do. The chairs look good as new IMO. I can't tell they were old chairs; aside from the cushions they look brand new.

And.. remember the $3 office clock?   Well I finally got the clock hands for it. I used Hobby Lobby's 40% off coupon and got the kit for $14.

Here it is on the clock. Its a little thin but it works and thats all that matters. 

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