Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DIY paper butterfly mobile

Today I've been busy DIY a butterfly mobile for Kaley. I had an old unused manzanita branch that was taking up space so I decided to use it above her crib. Here are the pictures of my completed work. It really gives the room so much more height and dimension. The frame alone was  kinda boring and flat. The new 3D paper butterfly mobile and the reflection completes the whole room. I really adore how it creates a nice romantic shadow on the wall. It also makes your eyes travel upwards creating an illusion of a larger room.

Here's the view when you first enter the room. 

A close up view of the butterfly and branch. 

This is Kaley's view of the butterfly mobile.

This is Emily's view from her bed. 

Instructions on how to make a 3D paper butterfly mobile

1. Find a butterfly template online and trace it on regular paper. I used two different sizes. They were about three and four inches. I wanted something larger and easier to see. I was so lazy to even print out the template that I just traced it directly from my laptop. 

2. Cut out the template and fold your paper of choice into three. Cut the butterflies out. I didn't even bother tracing it. I was able to cut out three large and three smaller butterflies on each regular size paper.

After one episode of Elmo I was able to get this. I used pink and ivory metallic paper I had left over from another project.

3. Hang your branch to desire height and measure how long you want the butterflies to hang. I made mines about 18-23 inches in length.

4. Using tape and strong clear thread I taped the butterfly by the body and folded the wings out. Two paper butterflies made one 3D butterfly.

5. I suspended my branch over two chairs and started randomly taping my butterflies to the clear string. 

6. Finally, I asked my dad to install three small ceiling hooks above Kaley's crib and hung the new butterfly mobile above. 

Cost for supplies was free. I had everything from previous projects. 

Here's a before and after. 

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