Friday, February 21, 2014

All about Emily's big girl bed

I've been working on Emily's big girl bed for some time now. Its finally complete. We came across some minor issues when the bed arrived. First some of the pieces were broken so we couldn't put the drawer together. It took about 3 weeks for new parts to be delivered to us.

We purchased the Dream on me toddler daybed with drawers on Amazon for $130. Here's the link. And here it is with Emily napping on it for the very first time with her dad's sock. 

The bed sat like that for a long time. Second issue, Emily always had a crib bumper and this bed didn't have a crib bumper. She would stick her feet/hands through the rails and play with the electrical sockets behind her bed. Of course I used the plastic child proof safety things for the sockets but it still looked exposed through the bed. I had one panel left from making the curtains   
 so I made a simple headboard/bumper to cover the sockets up. I didn't want to spend money on something not that important so I searched around the house for supplies that I had on hand.

Directions to DIY simple headboard/bumper

1. I used the cardboard box that that bed came in and traced the top of the bed with it. I cut off the extra and also cut a few inches off from the bottom so the cardboard sits on the bed but slightly shorter by an inch and a half. 

2. I had some left over foam from a previous project so I cut the foam to the size and shape of the cardboard box. If you don't have foam or are lazy to go buy some just just a thick old blanket.

Here are the curtains I bought for $10. I had one panel left after making the curtains/valances.

This is the foam cut into the shape of the cardboard. 

3. Next, I folded the curtain in half lengthwise and traced the shape of the cardboard over it. 

4. I stitched the panel up and left the bottom open so I can stuff the cardboard and foam in place. If you use a thick blanket instead of foam, you don't have to cut the blanket into the shape of the cardboard. I would suggest stitching the blanket at the same time as the panel so they stick together. Stitching the blanket onto the curtains would ensure that it stays taunt and the cardboard would hold it up in place. 

5. Lastly, once the foam and cardboard are inside the panel, stitch up the bottom.  I wanted to add something special to Emily's bed so I added some bling. I hand stitched some bling buttons on the new headboard.  Buttons were purchased at a local fabric shop 10 for $4. 

6. I attached the headboard to the bed by cutting little holes on the back of the panel and tying it onto the rails. Its not super secure but its the same concept as a regular crib bumper. So far Emily has been really good with not pulling at the buttons or messing with the headboard.

So total cost to make the headboard/bumper was $4 since I used supplies that I had at home. Its not super fancy but it works for us.

The third issue I had with the bed was that it was so low on the floor. Its great that its low on the floor so if Emily falls she doesn't get hurt but our house is tall for a single story. I believe our ceiling height inside the rooms are 10 feet. I'm not sure if thats standard or not but Emily's bed felt so short and isolated in a sad corner. The crib was nice and tall and right at the entry way so it stands out but our little Emily was now tucked away in the corner all by herself.  I felt like I had to make her bed stand out and also be the center of attention. So another DIY canopy project it was. I quickly gathered some supplies from Amazon.

Supplies included buying a darice 19 inch metal ring for $6,  two white window scarf's for $14, and four hooks for $2 at kmart. I could simply buy a $20 pre made canopy but I searched and didn't like the net like fabric most were made out of and I also felt that I didn't like the shape. I wanted more shape and the canopy had to be out of Emily's way when she jumps on her bed.

Directions for DIY canopy bed

1. I painted the darice ring white with some left over paint. Its just a personal preference. 

2. Cut the white window scarf in half and stitch them onto the darice ring. 

3. Hang the ring up with some ceiling hooks. My dad also attached some white plastic thing before screwing on the hook for added security. Sorry I have no idea what that plastic thing is but just know its for added security in case some kids decide to hang on the canopy. But even if the ring falls on someone its not really going to hurt them. Its pretty lightweight. We hung it up with some clear thread thats really strong. I think its made for fishing. 

4. To create the shape that I wanted, we attached some simple hooks onto the wall and tied it with some  crystal beads I had saved from my bridal shower. 

Here is the window scarf taped up so I can see the shape. 

And here it is completed with Emily's bedding that I DIY for her a while ago. 

Here's a close up of the crystal beads that I used to hold the canopy in place. Its something I had on hand and I like that its clear and added just the right amount of sparkle.

We also hung a clearance treshold mirror above the bed. I got it at target for $12. Emily's bed almost never looks like that because she doesn't like to sleep with anything. Most of the time her bedding is tucked away under her bed drawer.

Cost breakdown of Emily's bed

*New toddler bed and mattress $150 from Amazon.
*New DIY bedding $10 for new twin sheet for blanket ($5) and white fitted sheet from Walmart ($10 for two).  Sorry no tutorial. I just used an old pillow and some old blankets to make her comforter/blanket. Bedding matches Kaley's crib bedding.
*DIY headboard/bumper $4
* Threshold mirror from Target $12
*DIY canopy $22

Total: Under $200.

Finally my babies room is almost complete. I am just waiting on some art work for Kaley's crib and doing a DIY paper mobile and I can say the room is finally complete.

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