Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Artwork above Kaley's crib

I've been looking for some simple artwork that I can put above Kaley's crib. Her wall was so empty compared to Emily's princess canopy. I wanted to look for something meaningful and easy to make. I designed some simple artwork and had it printed out at CVS for $9 on matte photo paper.

I first used an old picture frame we had laying around our house. The frame was our old wedding frame that got displayed in front of the wedding venue. Those who are Vietnamese know what i'm talking about.  I had Binh hold up the frame to see if I liked the arrangement. After looking at it for a while, I thought it looked better in a lighter color frame. So off to Joanns I went to look for acrylic paint.

I spent $2 on a metallic Martha Stewart light pink/off white acrylic paint. I brushed the frame with some left over primer and waited one day before applying the acrylic paint. Whole process took about ten minutes for each coat and drying time in between. I was too cheap to buy a mat for the frame so I went to Dollartree and bought a white foam board for $1, cut it to size, and stuck it on the frame. 

To hang the frame, I used Command strips. I really love the command stripes to hang frames. I don't need to bring out any nails/screws or hammers. Just as simple as a sticker and follow the very simple directions. I used a $1 off coupon found online and bought 16 command strips for $7 at Target. It states that each strip can hold up to 6 pounds and I made sure to use four strips on this large picture frame. So far the frame has been up for over two weeks and still feels very secure. I love the strips because even in an earthquake the strips will hold the frame up. Its velcroed onto the wall. Compared to a nail/screw thats hammered onto the wall, I feel the command strips are much more secure and stable and cannot be pulled off the wall easily. Its baby and momma proof. LOL Here's a picture from yesterday's post. 

Here are two images of the artwork first applied onto the frame. I took the picture at night so the glare made the frame look white but its actually very pale/light pink.

Here are better pictures from this morning with the sun shining through the large window near the crib. Its really odd how the frame looks white and changes colors throughout the day when I take pictures.  I think because it has a metallic finish it reflects light different each time depending on the day. I adore this quote because its so true. My sister and I are about two years apart and we are very close. I really want Emily and Kaley to grow up to be best of friends and learn to share things together at an early age. I also wanted more letters/word art around the nursery because Emily is starting to learn to read so its nice to let her see more letters and words in her room.

Total of this whole project cost about $12. I think its not bad of a price for such a large piece of artwork. Its also one less frame that I have to hoard/store around my house.

Frame = free
Pearl metallic acrylic paint by Martha Stewart in antique silk = $2
Matte photo print by CVS with coupon = $9 I could have printed it out on regular card stock paper at Kinko's for cheaper but just ordered through CVS since it was convenient.
Foam board/mat from Dollartree $1

Lastly, I've finally put a cushion cover for our Agen chair from Ikea. Remember this picture? 

This was the before picture of the fabric placed over the cushion to see if I liked the color combo.


Here it is after: 

I used the same fabric I made the girls bedding with. It was just some old brown bedsheets.

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