Saturday, April 25, 2015

A little about Kaley's Bow-tique

Where has the time gone? Our youngest daughter is almost one. :( I've been sad thinking about my last child turning into a toddler. I don't plan to have any more children so I know I need to cherish Kaley's baby stages even more. She's almost one and I can't do anything about turning back the hands of time.  I've been trying to focus on her birthday as a celebration instead of mommy being super hormonal since my baby is turning one. Kaley is officially walking now, super active, and loves playing with her sister Emily.

For Kaley's party, I knew I wanted a Minnie mouse theme. It will be about pretty bows and all things girly. I started off with her simple DIY invitation. I usually don't do invitations because I'm actually very lazy but its Kaley's first birthday so I wanted to be extra special. Plus it helped that Joanns was having a super sale on their craft paper (50%) and I was able to score another 20% total purchase a few weeks ago. I think my total for 25 invitations was under $3 for paper. I had some envelopes from Emily's party last year. I've only made about 10 invitations because my kids won't leave me alone. Everything is all chopped up and ready to be glued. 

I think the bow adds the extra touch to these invitations. Bow was hand made from dollar tree ribbon. I really only had to buy the polka dot paper and black cardstock paper. I scored a great deal on the card stock, only $1.30 for a package of 50 pages. Of course I picked up white and black for the party. I followed these instructions for her invitation.

I'm actually running out of colored ink (specifically pink) from overprinting so many of Emily's party decor so Kaley's was printed in all black. I've been lazy to order new ink. I think it looks good in black and easy to read.

Next on my to do list is the giant mantel. I never know what to do with that huge space. Fortunately for me, our cousin just got married recently and was willing to lend me her decor. 

At first, I thought this project was going to be easy but boy was I wrong. I think I was on that mantel for at least 1.5 hours if not 2. Thank goodness I didn't have to cut and fold them. But once the mantel was done, it looked amazing. 

I started piecing them on the floor first. 

And here she is… 

I thought it was cute to change Minnie's bow-tique to Kaley's Bowtique. For those who haven't seen Minnie mouse cartoons, her story revolves around her shop called Minnie's Bow-tique. 

Lastly, I've ordered some ears for all the kids to wear and take home. 

I initially had great plans to make a custom box to display the ears but my kids got in the way so I just threw them on my spare tray and printed out a simple sign and called it a day. 

I'm planning to work on the banner, water bottles, and maybe cake stand this weekend. Once those are done, I think I'm almost ready for the party. 

Have a good weekend. I'll be back soon with more party planning updates and backyard progress. 

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