Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another day… another space to share

Since Binh just got his new leaf, I feel that its the right time to finish off the garage once and for all. Its been a space that I've never really cared for until a friend of mines showed me their blinged out their garage. They did shiny epoxy flooring and the whole works. I was jealous and wanted a half decent garage. Their epoxy flooring is stunning. It makes me want to put a chandelier in their garage and turn it into a dance floor. Due to privacy issues I won't be posting any pictures of their garage.

I considered copying them and doing epoxy flooring for our garage too. After much debate, I think its not right for our home. I feel that epoxy flooring is for super fancy homes and mines is no where near it. Even if I did attempt to do epoxy flooring, I would have to do too much to repair and clean our floors. We acquired our house when it was about ten years old so the flooring isn't perfect in our garage. I've also heard negative reviews of DIY epoxy flooring and its longevity with peeling if not done correctly. Lastly, epoxy flooring even DIY is not cheap. Well .. at least too expensive for my garage. So in the end, epoxy flooring is only something I can lust about.

Since I can only envy epoxy flooring, I decided its time to give our garage a facelift. Here is our current garage in all its glory. Its not super messy but not clean either. 

I have been planning to clean up our garage but haven't had the opportunity until today. Today, grandma is taking care of both my kiddos for a test run. A few weeks ago she tried to take care of both kids but was only able to last for about three hours so today she's taking up the challenge again. I'll be going back to work in about two weeks so she will be their babysitter. Cleaning the garage is a very dusty job so having the kids away was the perfect time.

After $25 of supplies and about 4 hours of cleaning, rearranging, and hanging our garage looks like this: 

I asked my dad to hang up the cruiser so its off the floor. Something about hanging it up makes the garage feel more spacious and organized. In pictures it doesn't seem to make a difference but in person it feels more organized. I also moved my shoe cabinet/book shelves to the front. One day, when I have more free time, I'll repaint the bookshelves and turn it into a real shoe cabinet. For now its a good temporary solution to keep my shoes neat and clean.

Next, I asked my dad to hang up a peg board. I'm slowly starting to collect a good amount of tools so I need a new way to organize everything. Now everything is off the floor, nicely displayed on the board and easy to find. 

My dad moved all the chairs to one side of the garage so the other side is completely empty. I'm planning to build a storage shed in our backyard to store our party chairs but that will be a while from now. 

Our garage is no where near complete but its a good start in my opinion. I spent $6 on the bike hanger, $7 for the peg board, and $11 for the pack of hooks for the peg board. 

Here are the before and afters: 

I think once I repaint the shoe cabinet, move out the chairs, and add cabinets along that wall things will look a lot better. My goal is to spend under $100 for the garage makeover. 

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